Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Stitching!

Finally!  A few moments to update my blog!

Getting ready for the Sturbridge Stitcher's Hideaway (July) consumed a great deal of time -- and then there's taking care of dear ol' Dad. 

Dad just stopped in to say good night to me.  He had already removed his hearing aids for the night, which means he's practically stone death, and which also means if he talks to anyone it's more like shouting at the top of his lungs because he can't hear himself!  LOL!!  So dad just said,


We live close to a cemetery, and I'm pretty sure he just woke up some of the dead.

Dad's all excited about tomorrow, because we are leaving for 10 days at our cottage at Camp Bethel, which is holding its annual Camp Meeting.  Camp Bethel is an interdenominational Christian camp ground.  My Dad has been going there since he was a baby. He met my Mom there. In fact, their families knew each other from attending Camp Meeting (Mom's family was from FL, Dad's from CT). When my Mom was born, she was given my father's mother's name, Iva June.  Who knew she'd end up marrying into that family!  So, for awhile, there were two women named Iva June Watkins.

So anyway, Dad has short-term memory loss.  He knows Camp Meeting is coming up and he's quite excited about going.  However, he can't keep straight what day/time we are leaving and has asked me probably 10 times today about it.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to leav for Camp until mid-afternoon, so he'll probably ask me 10 more times tomorrow.  LOL!

Here's a pic of Dad taken a couple months ago.  He was clearing leaves and branches out of a miniature golf course at Camp Bethel.  I swear, he puts most younger men to shame!

I've managed to get in some stitching.  I made this for my buddy Deb, who has a thing for bees.

It's a Prairie Schooler design, now OOP.

And then I recently stitched "Summer Garden" by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler.  I LOVE this.

What immediately drew me to this design is the girl sitting at the bottom in a chaise lounge -- because my Mom had captured a photo of me when I was perhaps 8 years old doing the same thing.  Mom loved that picture and for some reason liked to say that I looked like a movie star in it!  Ha!  Must have been my cool shades.  :)

I also designed a freebie for the attendees at the Sturbridge Stitcher's Hideaway, which I named Hear the Sea Call.  It's a simple piece, but what's cool is that little shells and sea glass and fish carved from shells embellish it.

Thea Dueck was the instructor for that retreat and she designed the Sturbridge Sewing Box as our project.  It is SO way more gorgeous in person. 

The linen, silk threads, and lining fabric were such an awesome match.  This piece is really going to be a treasure!  I'm bringing the kit to Camp in hopes of getting much of it stitched there.  The kit came with a DVD with all the instructions for completing the project, including the finishing!  Woo-hoo!

My little great niece Mckenzie is the delight of our family.  She's just adorable, sweet and so fun!  She calls me Auntie Sue, and whenever she says it, my heart melts!

She loved the air escaping from the balloon!  LOL!

She's been taking swimming lessons and just LOVES the water!  She calls the ocean and the Connecticut River "Bigger Water!" and her wading pool is "Baby Water."

She turns 2 in another week and we're all ready to party!!

Enjoy the summer!