Friday, September 9, 2011

Teacups and Teapots!

Tomorrow the ladies of my church are throwing a special Tea for our new pastor's wife -- who happens to love tea.  So I had this idea for favors, which sounded simple and wouldn't take long.  I made some cut out almond flavored cookies in the shapes of teacups and teapots to be painted with frosting.  These are going into little clear plastic bags along with a tea bag, candy coated almonds, and a little card that has an encouraging scripture inside.  Decorating those cookies took much longer than I had thought!  LOL!  My pal Jen came over last night and worked with me for about 2 hours to decorate them, and then I finished up the rest in another hour.  Then there was the cleanup!  But I think they came out pretty cool.  We stuck to pastel colors to go with other decorations and let our imaginations run wild.  So here's how they came out. (Click on the picture to see them larger.)

It was fun!  But if I ever do it again, I'll get more people to help me decorate them so that it won't take quite so long.  I think they came out pretty cute -- and I can tell you that they are yummy because Jen and I "had" to eat one when it broke in half (hehehehe).

So I should give an update on our Tropical Storm Irene damage.  Once the power cables were fixed, the tree was removed revealing damage to our house.  A branch has pierced our roof and shot out the other side.  There is some other small damage -- bent gutters and siding, and miscellaneous damage to the roof.  It's pretty disappointing since our roof is brand new.  Some folks were out today looking it all over.  The house was built in 1956 and the siding is no longer made.  They are batting ideas around as to how to fix it.  They are going to try and find some of the siding somewhere and will get back to us next week.  Meanwhile, my house has a very visible boo-boo.

Well, time to go turn those cute little cookies into favors for the Tea tomorrow!  It's going to be fun!


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  1. The cookies are a delight ... since I am a tea afficionado [if not an outright Tea Snob] ... I know whereof I speak. Great job on the decorating ... you have the patience of a saint.