Monday, April 9, 2012

My Precious....

Hello Stitchers!

Wow! I have big time neglected my blog!  But there is a reason.  I managed to injure my neck, shoulder and arm and for several months now I've had to limit using them only for necessities.  This has, unfortunately, meant no stitching for me.  How heinous is that!!!  But I've been having stitching-related fun in the meantime, and will be attempting to stitch a bit very soon. 

I ran the March 2-3, 2012 Stitcher's Hideaway Alumni Winter Escape Retreat and it was a blast!  I spent my time hanging out with everyone and admiring everything they were working on.  What a talented group of women!  There were 36 of us so there was a lot to see.  We had so much Show 'n Tell that we did it over 2 days.  You can read about it on the Fun Report.

During this non-stitching time, I've been visiting antique shops and picking up cool stitching-related items.  Here are some of my cool finds.

This is labeled Cartier Bresson Paris.  Necessaire Miniature, pour repriser et remailler.  The threads are very soft cottons.

These were fun finds, from 2 different places.  The silk measuring tape is marked OA&S, which I discovered was Olney Amsden & Son, a wholesaler in London that was in operation from 1904-1991. 

The needles and threaders I picked up to go into some cool etuis I've made over the years. 

The other item has green glass head pins, is about 1" high, and is labeled:  Crowley's, Spring Steel, Needle Shanks, "Berry" Pins, Made in England.  I hadn't yet heard of "Berry" Pins or of Crowley's.  It's pretty cool looking.

There have been other finds, as well.  I found some cool silk tassels, a jar of all white antique buttons, and some fabric.  None of these items were expensive, but I took great pleasure in finding them and wondering about them.

A few months ago my elderly neighbor Mary Ann passed away at the age of  93.  I enjoyed visiting with her.  She liked to sit out on her front porch whenever possible and keep watch over the neighborhood.  I'd go over on a hot summer day and we'd just hang out and chat.  Some days we went into her house, which was quite a sight to behold!!  Mary Ann was a collector of pretties -- costume jewelry, dolls, and loads of china.  There was no room left in cupboards or shelves for all her pretty china, so it was literally piled up in stacks on the floor of her dining room, which she never used except to stack up all her pretties.  When she died her family had no idea what to do with all her many belongings, so after taking what they wanted they had a big estate sale.  My husband Michael and I wanted something to remember her by so we each chose a funny and unusual item, which reflected Mary Ann's great sense of humor.  Mine was a painted ceramic piggy bank.  Michael's was a candle holder -- the candle part sits on top of a large leaf that is being oared by a mouse through imaginary water! 

There was a HUGE pile of costume jewelry.  Among them was an item marked just $3 that immediately caught my eye.  I didn't even open it there because I didn't want to draw attention to it.  Someone didn't know what they had.  Michael caught my eye and he knew I had found a treasure.  It is the brass sewing kit (circa 1930) picture below.  I was THRILLED to spot it and tickled to know that Mary Ann had once owned and used it!  As we walked out of the estate sale, I said to Michael as I tightly held the sewing kit, "My precious...."

But that wasn't all I found -- hehehehehe.  There was a little plastic baggy filled with a bunch of plastic naked ladies!!!  LOL!!!  This cracked me up!  What on earth did Mary Ann have them for?  Ha!!  They were probably once used for serving food or maybe drinks.  They are each about 3" long.  I purchased those, too, knowing I'd figure out something to do with them -- and sure enough!  I gave them out at the Alumni Winter Escape Retreat as thread winders!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!  Oh, how Mary Ann would be laughing hysterically over that!!!  Here's a picture I took of some naked ladies at the retreat.

Until next time, my friends, my best to each of you and may your stitches always lay perfectly!



  1. Well, this post was certainly worth waiting for. I love your antique finds, especially the glass headed pins and the small brass sewing kit [$3 ... ooooh I am so jealous]. But I will admit that such a treasure couldn't have gone to a more deserving person ... and it was a nice compensation for all the non-stitching time. The more I read about it, the more I am sorry that I didn't make the Alumni Retreat but I couldn't get away.

  2. are so sweet! May you also one day find a $3 treasure!

    I sure hope you can come to the next Alumni Retreat. Truly, you missed an awesome stitching weekend!

    See you at the October Retreat!